Our general mission is to be a leading source for the discovery and dissemination of information, technology, and experience to students, graduates, and society.

Our specific mission is to enhance development and promote availability of renewable energy through; educational programs, on job training, applied research, technical assistance and Information Dissemination. In particular our mission includes:

  1. Promote public awareness of renewable energy technologies.
  2. Be a unique source of information about RE especially for their
    agricultural applications.
  3. Offer RE educational and training programs for undergraduate and
    graduate students and engineers at their work (on Job Training, OJT).
  4. Offer RE e-learning course and modules.
  5. Enable peoples to make RE work for them.
  6. Provide substantial and benign energy options for present and future
  7. Offer the students, the graduates and the public a one-stop site on the
    internet for the latest information about energy resources and how to use
    them wisely in their home, work.